If you are a newcomer to Canada – welcome! If purchasing a new home is high on your list of priorities we can you realize your dream of homeownership. If you are new to Canada within the past 5 years and are a Permanent Resident you can qualify to purchase a home with as little as 5% down. You will be required to confirm 3 months minimum employment in Canada. If you have limited Canadian credit history alternative sources such as utility bills or confirmation of rental payment can be used. If you do not have permanent resident status you will be required to have a down payment of 10%. Your credit history can be confirmed through a letter of reference from your previous banking institution. If you are unable to provide conventional income verification you may qualify for a mortgage with a minimum down payment of 35%. You must either provide confirmation of Landed Immigrant Status or confirm Immigration Canada has received your Permanent Resident application. A strong profile is required to qualify in this case. There are also mortgage options available for Canadian living abroad that wish to purchase a property in Canada.