Want to use the equity in your home? With the increase in property values over the past years it is possible to take advantage of the existing equity in your home with a refinance. Refinancing will allow you to use the existing equity in your home for enhancing your assets, renovations, debt consolidation or combining an existing first or second mortgage. Or you may simply want to refinance your existing mortgage to realize a more favorable rate. Refinances are available up to 80% of the value of your home. If you are refinancing for a renovation you may be in a position to use the cost of your renovation to increase the value of your home and realize more money with which to complete the renovation. See Purchase Plus Improvements and call us to discuss your specific situation. Debt consolidation will offer you one payment at a substantially lower rate. In the case of refinancing to enhance your assets many people refinance and use the funds to purchase an investment property or stocks. Properties eligible for refinance include your principal residence, investment properties and second homes. Amortization is available up to 30 years.